Maybelline Tattoo brow tint review….

Hi all, I am a 90’s girl, I come from a time when eyebrows were not a big thing.  Now a days however this couldn’t be any further from the truth.  We have pencils, tints, pomades and liquids, powders, pens and thickeners, we tattoo and we microblade, the market is awash with new eyebrow products.  The latest eyebrow treatment I have been lured into purchasing is the Maybelline Tattoo tint.maybellineThe packaging is quite nice as you can see and the tint itself is available in 4 different shades, you have light brown, medium brown, dark brown and grey brown.  I myself went for the dark brown because my eyebrows are very blonde naturally, even though I am naturally a brunette. The bottle itself is about the size of a small mascara and has a small soft brush within the lid.  This is used to paint the tint on.  I will go through the process I myself used to apply the product.

  1. I firstly cleansed my skin and removed all traces of make up, I didn’t apply any moisturiser, I kept my skin fresh and oil free.

  2. Next I took a sharp eyebrow pencil and I drew the outline of the shape I would normally have my eyebrows.

  3. I then took the tint and applied it very carefully but liberally with the small brush provided, being very careful to stay within the outlined brows.

  4. The instructions on the packaging then tell you to leave it on for up to 2 hours for maximum effect.  This is the processing stage.

  5. I left the tint on for about one hour the first time just to see how dark my eyebrows would go.  You then begin in the inner part of the brow and you peel the tint off, pretty much the same way as a peel off mask.  These pictures were taken during the processing and then after the product had been peeled off.

  6. maybelline 2
  7. You then repeat the process every 3 days or as often as you feel you need to.

I have been very impressed so far with the product and have used it probably 3 times now, I would say at £12.99 the product is very good value for money as it will last for quite a few applications.  Will I buy again? Yes I feel I will.  It will enable me to stretch my visits to the beauty salon for eyebrow tints in the future.  I would give this product probably 8/10.  I am giving it 8/10 because, although I was very impressed, I feel 2 hours is quite a long time to have to wait for the product to develop fully. 

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