The new Beauty Outlet at the newly rebranded The Junction Antrim..

Junction One first opened its doors in 2004, just over fourteen years ago now.  At the time I remember the buzz about the place and that Antrim town was finally going to be pulled out of the doldrums and we were finally going to have a shopping mall that was worthy of a visit.  Sadly the economic downturn happened and the reasonably new Junction One took a massive hit.  The mall was then put on the market and has been scooped up by The Lotus Group and Tristan, they are due to invest a colossal 30 Million developing the site, bringing new shops and new eateries, and they intend on revamping the whole area.  Quite frankly I am excited to see the changes take place.  Antrim has the potential to be great again.

Today I ventured over to Junction One or as it has been rebranded The Junction.  I had one mission in mind and that was to have a look around the new Beauty Outlet that just opened at the weekend.  The shop front itself was very bright and vibrant and inviting.  I went inside. The inside of the shop is bright, spacious and very modern.  The various sections are clearly marked out, you have a beauty bar, this is obviously where makeup demos will be held, a nail area, where their are literally thousands of bottles of nail polish, ranges such as W7, Sally Hansen, Barry M, Bourjois, Tanya Burr, OPI to name but a few.  All might I add at discounted prices.  You then have all the false nails, files, cuticle creams and oils and also remover and various different nail, hand and foot related products.

Their is an area for hair products, brushes, hair extensions, shampoos and conditioner and all lotions and potions that you would require to maintain your mane.  You then have a section for eyebrows, bronzer, foundation and eyes.  This shop is coming down with makeup palettes, you could literally spend a whole afternoon swatching and testing, it is a makeup lovers paradise.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Beauty Outlet are stocking W7’s Very Vegan range and also a brush and makeup applicator range called So Eco, it’s nice to see shops in the area make a conscious effort to try and cater for everyone’s needs and to recognize that people are now more aware of animal cruelty and testing in the cosmetics industry.

So in closing I will say that I have already been touting the Beauty Outlet to my friends and family and I will no doubt be spending many afternoons while on maternity leave sifting through the various makeup brands, because lets face it in this day and age, can a girl really have enough makeup?

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