Hello to Hello Fresh…..

I have been quiet on social media for the last five weeks as my partner and I welcomed our baby daughter into the world on the 22nd August, it has been five weeks of learning and falling in love with our new arrival, so the blog has been put on the back burner for a while.  The last few weeks of pregnancy were tough, I won’t tell any lies and as we say in Northern Ireland, I was scundered (fed up) and just wanted baby to make an appearance.  When you are heavily pregnant standing slaving over a hot stove is something you don’t want to be doing every night nor do you want to be eating takeaways every night of the week either, so after hearing about a company called Hello Fresh, I decided to subscribe and give them a go…https://www.hellofresh.co.uk

The company itself is a mail order (cook your own) meal service, you can choose your favorites from their weekly menu, choose the amount of days worth of meals and the amount of people the meals are for, this can be done via their app or by logging onto their website.  Hello Fresh then deliver the recipes you have chosen  direct to your door, along with the exact quantities of fresh ingredients you require to make these delicious dinners.  A wide variety of recipes are available that cater for everyone’s needs from vegetarians to meat eaters, to couples, to those on a calorie controlled diet, or those who haven’t much time to spare and need to prepare meals quickly. The recipes are quick, easy and full proof! You can’t go wrong….(in my opinion)

Hello Fresh have an app as I mentioned earlier.  I downloaded it onto my phone and found it extremely useful.  You can cancel the subscription at any time with ease, and you can pick and choose the weeks you want to receive a box from Hello Fresh.   I think for me personally now that baby is born I will probably order a box for a treat or if I have a very busy week and can’t fit a food shop in.  With Hello Fresh there is absolutely no waste and all the ingredients come to you well wrapped and in numbered bags, each numbered bag corresponds with the same numbered recipe.  Any meat included with the box is wrapped in a thermal type bag and packed with ice packs, this ensures the meat stays fresh.  I found all of the ingredients to be of high quality.

The meals we have tried so far have been amazing, they have been heathy and nutritious and absolutely scrumdiddlyumcious!! I would generally rate my cooking skills probably around 7/10, I can cook but I have had many disasters,  I found the Hello Fresh recipes so easy to follow and I was able to produce restaurant quality meals ( well I thought so!) and the finished meal did look like the picture on the recipe card!! (bonus!)  Will I continue to use Hello Fresh? Yes!! would I recommend to a friend?? absolutely!! Am I glad I gave them a go?? Hell yea!!…..

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