Hooorayyy for The Tommee Tippee Prep Machine!!

As a new Mum, I found that one of the questions you are asked during your pregnancy by midwives and doctors on a regular basis is “How are you planning on feeding your baby?”  Personally I kept an open mind, I never ruled out breast-feeding my baby, nor did I have my mind set on doing it, I just thought I will know when baby comes along.  I am fully aware of all the benefits breast feeding gives baby and Mum as I attended a very in-depth Ante Natal class and all of this was explained by very open-minded midwives.  They weren’t pushy and gave us information on the pros and cons for each method of feeding baby.  When Eden was born, without hesitation I fed her myself and she and I both enjoyed the three days I was able to feed her for myself.  As I had, had a very traumatic birth, I had no sleep the whole time I was in hospital, she was feeding most of the day and night, the first two days I couldn’t walk, I was on horrendous amounts of medication, therefore  I slowly started to feel my mood drop and I made a conscious decision that it was more important for Mummy to be present, so I therefore decided it was time to shift from breast to bottle.  Eden is an extremely hungry baby and when she wants fed, she wants fed “now!” She takes that after her Mum, Mum often gets “hangry!”  Anyway after talking to friends and reading reviews, my sister had asked what we would like as a gift, so she agreed to buy us the Tommee Tippee Prep machine.

The machine was purchased from Amazon and arrived very quickly, the instructions are very easy to follow with pictures explaining how to set it up.  You need to fit the water filter and clean the system before you are good to go.  I can make a bottle in less than 2 minutes so baby doesn’t have to wait too long.  The system comes with one small bottle with a number 1 teat and a screw top lid so the formula and the boiling water shot can be mixed.  I will walk you through the method you will need to use when making up a feed:-

  • Firstly you place the bottle under the water dispenser.
  • Press the start button once, this dispenses a “hot-shot” of boiling water that sterilizes the formula when added.
  • Next you add the formula, screw on the lid supplied and shake well.
  • Remove the lid and place the bottle back under the water dispenser, push the start button once again.
  • The bottle is now filled up to the correct level with filtered cold water, this allows the feed to be at the correct temperature for baby.  The machine also has a dial on it where you can adjust the measure of bottle you want to make, this ranges from 4 ounces to 11.
  • Screw the lid on again and shake well.
  • Remove the lid and replace with the teat and “Voila” you are good to go. (check the temperature of the feed on your wrist, as a final check)

We are now thankfully at the end of our night feeds (fingers crossed) but without the Prep machine I think they would have been that bit more difficult.  When baby cried in the small hours of the morning, I was able to go downstairs and have a bottle back upstairs before Daddy awakened from his slumber (he has a 5.00am start)  This machine has been a game changer and I would whole heartedly, highly recommend it, especially to first time Mums and Dads like us.  I am aware that Tommee Tippee have a new model on the market, I believe it’s called Day & Night, if it’s as good as the first model then buy it!! If you think this review was helpful and you are toying with the idea of buying one then shimmy on over to Amazon as they now have them for sale at the bargain price of 60 English Pounds (worth every penny) in my opinion…..


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