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Today has been a good day.  No, actually a great day!  With a teething toddler every day in the words of Forest Gump ” is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” but today was one of the good ones.

My Mum and I took Eden to a little establishment in Ballyclare, Co Antrim called The Wee Village, https://theweevillage.co.uk.  It just opened it’s doors to the public two weeks ago.  We had such an amazing morning.  Eden had an absolute ball.  She was in her element.


The building itself is situated on a working farm.  So it was very quaint and homely on first impressions.  The staff and I believe the owner was so friendly and made us feel right at home from the moment we arrived.  It was clear straight away that this was a play area that was miles ahead of the usual soft play we usually partake of.  You know the kind of soft play I mean?  The kind that when you come home you bath your child straight away?  The kind that if you thought too hard about what lurked in the ball pit you would probably have nightmares?  Well it was nothing like that.  The level of cleanliness and hygiene was apparent.  Children and adults were asked to remove their outdoor footwear before entering.  Shoe covers were provided for those adults who wished to keep their shoes on.


I would say that this little play area would be best suited for children from the ages of about 1-6.  It’s set out like a little village.  It has a post office, a beauty salon, a talent show area, a shop, a building site and my favourite a little camp site with a teepee and a little camp fire.  You get a 90 minute slot and in between sessions the sets are all readjusted and cleaned.  The price per child is £7, this price includes the accompanying adult.  If you have an extra adult, which we had it was an extra £3.00.  Very reasonable

The toilet facilities were second to none, and their was also tea, coffee and cakes on offer in the reception area.  This little place is hands down the best play area we have ever visited in the whole of Northern Ireland.  We will without a doubt become regulars.


Bye for now.



Jules xo


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