Book review….Will I Ever Pee Alone Again? By Emma Conway.

One of my few guilty pleasures is watching Youtube.  I developed this love when I was off on maternity leave.  I would sit glued to it for hours, trying to pass the time.  I was so bored!  Anyway, I used to watch some Mummy vloggers that were all sweetness and light, all moonlight and roses (You know the type?).  They left me feeling like I was completely failing as a new Mum because I was finding things so hard.  That is of course until I discovered Emma Conway, Brummymummyof2.  I’m not ashamed to admit it but I’m a bit of a fan.  She makes me roar with laughter on a daily basis.  Her type of humor is my type of humor.  We both grew up in the 90’s, we share the love of boy bands, Biker Grove, dressing gowns and chinese food!!!  She’s my kind of girl.  When I heard she was bringing out a book, I was straight onto Amazon to get my pre-order in.

I received my long awaited copy yesterday.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work to have a read.  It’s a little book called “Will I Ever Pee Alone Again?” and it’s full of lighthearted little limericks and extremely funny little poems about motherhood and family life.  As I read through the poems, not only did I snort laugh a few times, I could feel the stresses of motherhood slowly slip away, my shoulders began to drop and I began to relax!!! I’m not alone!  I feel this way too!.  I read some of the poems to my partner, particularly the ones about Date Night and Friday Nights.  We both laughed and came to the agreement that we were in fact normal.  Not only is this little book really funny and uplifting, it’s also apparent the love that Emma has for her family….






Bye for now.


Jules xo

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