Missing Out….


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well?  I haven’t blogged for a couple of days.  To be brutally honest.  I have been feeling dreadful.  A mixture of P.M.S and pure exhaustion.  I’ve been like a bear with a sore head for the most part of this week.  Poor Nigel!

I have been really struggling with work.  I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I would love to be at home with my girl but financially it’s not an option.  I guess I should count my blessings with regards child care.  My parents mind Eden when I’m at work so that’s one expense we don’t have to pay out and I know she’s being well looked after.  But.  It’s the little things that I feel I’m really missing out on.  Today, Dad text to say that he had Eden out for a walk and she noticed her shadow for the very first time.  She was totally amazed.  Moving her little arms and legs, trying to make her shadow move.  It’s these little things that completely break me.  I wasn’t there for her first steps or her first hair cut.  People constantly tell me to enjoy every minute of the toddler stage, because they are only small for a little while.  Most of the time I’m in work!  It’s both physically and mentally draining.  Ohhh for a lottery win!

On a more positive note my partner and I head off next Thursday for a well deserved break.  We are off to the Lough Erne Resort & Spa.  It’s been so long since we spent some quality time together, I forget what it’s like ( will we still like each other? who knows? lol).   I’m hoping to come back well rested and ready for another stretch in ” The Big House ” (work) before we close for the week at Easter.  So looking forward to a full week off with my girl.  I haven’t made any plans as of yet but no doubt the weather will play a massive part in what we get up to.



Bye for now.



Jules xo


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